[Internal] Pharmacovigilance BCP 2022 (GGM) I Pandemic Response Testing Plan

[Internal] Pharmacovigilance BCP 2022 (GGM) I Pandemic Response Testing Plan
Dear GGM colleagues,
To ensure business continuity in emergency cases, Gigamed (GGM) has prepared for a potential influenza pandemic and its pandemic strategy is directed toward protecting the health of our people and the safety of our workplaces, maintaining the continued operation of critical functions and services as well as supporting people and infrastructure required to perform these functions and services.
We maintain our service delivery with the assumption that there is no reduction in work force, but the absentees are now up to 70% of the original workplace.
Our plan identifies business critical functions, services, employees, suppliers, applications, and sites required to support GGM business and to help support our clients. 
To ensure the effectiveness of our business continuity plan, Pharmacovigilance Unit of GGM is now activating Business Continuity and Response Testing Plan for Pandemic.
During the testing day or Pandemic emergency case, please contact GGM Pharmacovigilance Unit as follows: