Soliciting Opinions

- What's your honest opinion of our product?
Um. I think the quality's fine, but the design is a problem.
- Is it the shape or color?
Well, it's the shape actually. The handle is too high for the Chinese.
- And it looks unsophisticated and too rough.
We need something that's a little more feminine, round, gentle.
- But it's very compact and easy to use compared with conventional products. And it's possible for us to alter it.
TO be frank... we are already importing the same type of goods from Minze Co. in Germany.
- And we're satisfied with them at the moment.
I know you like that design, but the quality is much poorer than our product.
- Hmm.. I don't have the right to make the decision. anyway. I'll give you an answer after talking to someone higher up.